Imagine if you could see communication!

Improve performance with new insights into communication.

Connection Scan is a unique and powerful diagnostic tool that reveals communications between people in a team, a department, or even a whole organisation.

Looking like an MRI scan, it produces an accurate visual picture of how people really connect with each other.


Easy to Set Up & Use

  • See how the organisation really works.
  • Identify, develop and make use of hidden leaders.
  • Understand and strengthen their personal connections.
  • Change the nature and quality of their relationships.
  • Encourage diversity and innovation.
  • Monitor change in the organisation.
  • Develop connections and collaboration.

Like an MRI scan of communication

Looking like an MRI scan it shows hotspots of active connections and cool zones of inactivity in a network of human relationships. Looking at a Connections Scan is like looking inside the brain of your organisation to see the pathways of connection and activity.

Scans are easy to understand and reveal patterns in relationships between people you will have never been able to see before.

Connection Scan enables you to address issues of politics, cliques, inclusion, commitment, accountability and trust

In a networked world connections drive performance

In an interconnected world the ability to understand and influence human networks is vital for individual leaders, teams, organisations and societies to succeed.

Connection Scan uses ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence to create visualisations that reveal how people are connected. By accurately visualising complex networks of relationships it gives unique insights, reveals new meaning and makes relationships easier to understand and change.

As “Command and control” is replaced by “Connect and Collaborate” the web of informal relationships that connect people in your organisation has become more important than ever.

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