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Learn to see the whole system of relationships in your team and change your world. Create new insights, new understanding and new possibilities.

In the two-day certification course you will learn to: 

  • Understand and explain the theory behind Connection Scan 
  • Know when and how to use Connection Scan whilst working with  teams, organisations or networks
  • Use the Connection Scan Viewer to generate scans, work with scans in front of an audience and produce reports 
  • Develop the right questions for Connection Scan 
  • Read and interpret scans
  • Use the toolbox to facilitate fruitful dialogue about scans to encourage the development of more effective communication and collaboration 
  • Run experiential exercises with teams and groups 
  • Use Connection Scan to promote your business

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Connection Scan Certification Training equips you with the essential information and experience
you need to use Connection Scan.

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