An MRI Scan of communications.

Looking like an MRI scan it shows hotspots of active connections and cool zones of inactivity in a network of human relationships. Looking at a Connections Scan is like looking inside the brain of your organisation to see the pathways of connection and activity.

Scans are easy to understand and reveal patterns in relationships between people you will have never ben able to see before.

Connection Scan enables you to:

  • Address issues of politics, cliques, inclusion, commitment, accountability and trust.
  • See how the organisation really works
  • Identify, develop and make use of hidden leaders
  • Understand and strengthen their personal connections
  • Change the nature and quality of their relationships
  • Encourage diversity and innovation
  • Monitor change in the organisation
  • Develop connections and collaboration

Features and benefits:

  • Unique insights. From rich information about connections between people giving a jointly created overview they have never been seen before.
  • Dynamic and interactive. Different to paper reports from ordinary questionnaires because it is dynamic and interactive in presentation of data which reflects the complexity of the data itself. It allows people to experiment with and explore the data.
  • Scalable. A tool that provides an overview on org / team members’ positions towards each other and their tasks, objectives, values and strategies thus supporting insight in and reflection on its effectiveness
  • Adaptable. Relates different measures, thus providing new and surprising insights on systems. e.g. linking diversity icebreaker with communication.
  • A flexible tool that can serve many purposes.
  • Simple to set-up and quick to complete.

Choose Your Focus / Ask Your Own Questions

Over the last 5 years research has led to two breakthroughs in our understanding of how teams perform. The first breakthrough focuses on how the pattern of communications between team members drives performance. The second breakthrough focuses on the impact of team identity in motivating performance.

Connection Scan offers all users banks of questions that enable them to scan, visualise and develop both communication patterns and team identity. In addition Power Users can use the powerful and easy to use authoring facility to create their own questions and scans.

Communication Patterns – The MIT Questions

Seven years of ground-breaking, award winning, research by Professor Sandy Pentland at MIT has shown that communication patterns are the most important variable in team performance and are in fact more important than skill, intelligence and other factors combined that go into building a team. (Harvard Business Review, the New Science of Building Great Teams, April 2012.)

But communication patterns are complex and invisible. And we can’t change what we can’t see.

Connection Scan creates an accurate visualisation of communication patterns using the MIT model in a team. It enables you, for the first time, to see how communication across your team really works, taking into account everybody’s perspective. Only once these hidden patterns have been revealed can a team find ways to improve communication and performance.

Power Users

Having undertaken a small amount of additional training Power Users are able to access the question authoring functions on Connection Scan. These give them the opportunity to generate their own questions and to use the scanner to visualise all kinds of relationships.

Identity – The TRIBE Identity Questions

Research by Professor Alex Haslam at Exeter and Melbourne Universities has revealed the central role social identity plays in motivating collaborative behaviour in teams. People in high performing teams undergo a psychological shift so that their membership of the team becomes integrated in their sense of who they are, their identity. This has been proven to motivate greater effort, innovation, organisation and performance, whilst also insulating against stress and increasing resilience. This research has been integrated into the TRIBE performance model developed at the Centre for team Excellence.

You can use Connection Scan to visualise and understand identity in your teams using the TRIBE questions developed specifically for this purpose. Used together the MIT and TRIBE questions give powerful insights into the factors that drive performance in teams.

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