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Shine a New Light on Performance

When you look in the wrong place, no matter how good your eyesight you will never find what you are looking for.

For more than a century leaders have focused on individual behavioural competence and personal attributes to improve performance in their organisation with some success. But the organisational world has change and so have the demands on people.

Traditional HR Evaluations

  • What is happening with you?
  • How can you change?
  • Attributes
  • How can I improve my score?
  • Individual Development
  • Individual Feedback
  • Simplified

Connection Scan

  • What is happening between us?
  • How can we change?
  • Relationships
  • How can we change our patterns?
  • Systemic Change / Transition
  • Connected Feedback
  • Reveals Complexity

In today’s complex organisations networks, matrixes, cross-functional collaborations and virtual teams have replaced traditional structures and hierarchies. Understanding and improving how people are connected is the new frontier in organisational performance.

Unfortunately traditional HR tools evaluate attributes not connections. Even 360 evaluations only report an average score, losing much of the meaning and richness in the process. Connection Scan shines new light on organisational performance by revealing how people are connected.

1. Online Questionnaire

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2. Analyse Results

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3. Get Feedback

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4. Make Changes

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5. Monitor Progress

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Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Inevitably everybody has a “self-centred” perspective on their connections. Connection Scan puts all of these perspectives together to create a single scan of the whole community to create the most accurate two dimensional picture possible.

This is a highly complex mathematical challenge and so Connection Scan uses an adaptation of a calculation that was originally developed to predict the highly complex formation of crystals in metals when they are heated and rapidly cooled (annealing). Similar Artificial Intelligence formulae are being used to model the growth and mutation of viruses.

Imagine a model in which a small ball represents each community member and the connection between each person is represented by a rubber band connecting the balls. Frequent connection creates a short rubber band and rare connection a long rubber band. Therefore every ball is pulled in many directions. If this model was constructed then the balls would move until the tension in each band was equal and this would be the best possible representation of the strength of the forces between the balls.

This is the calculation that is performed by Connection Scan. The scanner places each community member in the best possible position to give the most accurate overall picture of connections in the community.

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