How to Read a Scan

Reading a scan could not be simpler because you only need to know 3 things:

1. Colours. You may have seen pictures of MRI scan of brains in which active areas glow red, whilst areas with little neural activity are blue. Connection Scans use the same approach to show relationship activity. Red people are “connection hot spots” who are intensely and widely connected, whilst Blue areas are “connection cool zones”.

2. Closeness. In a Connection Scan respondents are closer to people they connect with the most.

3. The question. Connection Scan can show how people are connected around any issue. Standard users have access to questions that explore communication frequency, satisfaction, quality and energy. Power users can ask any question they like following training to help them understand the rules of connection questioning. So for instance you could explore connections to do with strategy, innovation, customer contact. The applications are only limited by your imagination.

Armed with this understanding pattern of connections are obvious and the process of agreeing what they mean is underway.

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