An advanced online questionnaire that qucikly shows how well your team is performing

We can let you see insights into working relationships that help improve performance

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Bad Relationships Undermine Performance

The online questionnaire accurately visualises how people are connected revealling hidden patterns in your team. By seeing the relationships you’re better informed to make change.

Imagine knowing: the people who don’t get on, who doesn’t communicate well, where there is conflict…

An MRI scan of your team’s relationships

Looking like an MRI scan it shows hotspots of active connections and cool zones of inactivity in a network of human relationships.

Looking at a Connections Scan is like looking inside the brain of your organisation to see the pathways of connection and activity.

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A new way to understand team performance

Unlike traditional HR tools Connection Scan evaluates connections not personal attributes.

The online questionnaire reveals, for the first time, the complete picture of relationships between people in a team, a department, or even a whole organisation.

Easy to set-up, complete and interpret

Banks of standard questions enable all users to drag and drop to quickly create questionnaires in only a few minutes.

The powerful and easy to use authoring facility enables Power Users to create their own questions and scans.

Easy Set Up

Easy to Use

Main Benefits of connection Scan

  • Identifies communication relationships in teams, good and bad
  • Identifies individuals that are critical communication hubs as well as those left in the dark
  • Identifies how individuals collaborate
  • Shows how information is propagated around a team
  • Empowers members by showing their effect on a team

Key features of Connection Scan

  • Online and bespoke questionnaire based analysis
  • Maps communication/relationship patterns contributing to team effectiveness
  • Simple and quick to complete
  • Flexible and scaleable
  • Tracks change over time

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