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We’re pleased to invite you to join Jeremy Holt and Henning Zorn from Connection Scan to learn about systemic team coaching.

Monday, February 25th 15:00 GMT. Subscribe here.

What is systemic team coaching?

If people tell you there are problems with communication, or conflict, or a lack of trust in a team, what do you do? The conventional response is education, sharing, and reflection. You might do some communication training or perhaps use an inventory to explore conflict styles.

Systemic interventions begin with an entirely different perspective on what is going on, focusing instead on how the meaning people make of their situation flows from their individual, interpersonal and collective stories about the team. And, it is these connected beliefs and narratives that drive behaviour. Actions that seem nonsensical to an outsider, are entirely logical when seen from within the system.

To bring about change, systemic interventions aim to make the whole system of beliefs and stories visible to team members enabling them to make new connections and establish new shared understandings. But for a leader or facilitator, this can be a daunting and abstract challenge. Where do you start and how do you structure progress? In my experience, this is where Connection Scan proves invaluable as it makes what was hidden clearly visible. Join the webinar to find out how.

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In the webinar we will:

  • Explain the fundamentals of thinking and working systemically with a team.
  • Help you to identify when a systemic approach might be most appropriate.
  • Introduce Connection Scan, a system mapping tool that enables you to turn individual perspectives into an easy to understand visualisation of a system within a team.
  • Talk through some examples.

FREE Webinar details
Monday, February 25th 15:00 GMT. Subscribe by email here.

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